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Greg Riley

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Please note that Greg is no longer taking bookings for psychic readings. He will now focus on sessions as a therapist. Medium bookings can still be made but the wait is over 12 months. For Hypnoenergetics sessions please contact this office.

Greg is much more than a Psychic Medium. His abilities allow him to focus on 3 areas of your life. These are:

Life and Spiritual coaching – Greg is a senior manager within a leading international telecommunications company within Australia. Greg has a very successful corporate career that has allowed him to work with some of the world’s top 100 companies. Using these skills he is able to motivate and set your life goals that will allow you to achieve many of your life purposes. Greg spent 12 months learning from Bob Proctor where he graduated from his life success program. Many of the tools he learnt from this course he put in place to achieve his own goals. These tools he will also pass onto you.

Mediumship Readings – Greg offers a bridge between this world and the next. He is known for his accuracy and details while connecting to those we love. You will find Greg’s mediumship readings a very rewarding and healing experience where you will not only learn about those that have passed over but about your own life journey.

Psychic Readings – Greg offers psychic readings with a difference. He taps into where you are now, the options you have in your life and the reason why you are here. Greg’s psychic readings go to a depth that will astound you. He does not cover the superficial but goes deep into the reasons as to why certain things have happened in your life and then give you insight into your options going forward.

Greg is located in Melbourne, Australia. Greg’s abilities opened up through a meditation and tarot course where during a lesson one evening he surprised himself.

“I was told to hold a wedding ring and do what’s called psychometry where by tapping into the energy of the jewellery you could describe the person. I had never heard of this nor seen it done but somehow I was able to give where they lived, what the house looked like, how they passed, what relation they were to the person and even more”

Since that day Greg has been in avid student in all metaphysical areas. He has trained in such areas as:
•Para Psychology
•Mediumship and Psychic Ability
•Past Life and Akashic Records
•Self Development

In 2007 Greg graduated from Bob Proctor’s Life Success program where Greg was personally trained by Bob himself. This allows Greg to add a depth to his readings and sets him apart from many of his peers.

Greg welcomes you to his page and looks forward to helping you on your journey.

In 2011 Greg appeared on Channel 7’s “The One”. He was selected to appear on the show after numerous tests and hundreds of applicants. After 8 episodes of the show where Greg constantly shocked people with his abilities the Australian public voted him Australia’s most gifted psychic.


  • Face to Face


  • Medium
  • Past Life Regression
  • Psychic Reader
  • Wax Art Reader


  • Area Metropolitan Regional
  • Victoria

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