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What is a Miracle? From Conscious Energy, Healing and Miracles By Rocky Krogfoss

Gregg Braden, teacher of Conscious Science, shares some very important scientific information, regarding the nature of reality: “A miracle ceases to be a miracle when it becomes a technology that science understands”.

This seems to conflict with so many people’s concepts of a miracle as having nothing to do with science; yet, we can show how a miracle takes place through science.

YOU, a human being, are a technology, much like a computer. You have programmed information downloaded into your DNA and Cellular body that determines the frequency of the message you are putting out in your prayers. The physical body is not physical at all. It is a conscious energy field that operates at a lower frequency to accommodate your soul incarnate. The information in your DNA and your Cellular Body contains positive and negative informational frequencies. A miracle is a shift from unworthiness to worthiness information. Worthiness vibrates at a higher frequency because you are receiving love and YOU manifest a miracle.

A miracle is the manifestation of a longing/prayer that is aligned to a core belief energy field that contains absolute worthiness and love for “self” information, in concert with your divine self.”

Why, then, do we struggle to manifest miracles?

At the subconscious level, most don’t believe it’s possible to make miracles. The stories we create, and the words we speak, block the manifestations of miracles. There’s a long list of unworthiness beliefs that support the inability. The average human has a large percentage of beliefs steeped in unworthiness; so, it stands to reason that these types of beliefs create roadblocks. But, these roadblocks are movable. You can remove them.
We all can. There’s nothing to lose and everything to gain.

I remember a particular occasion in a healing session with my personal healer when I was asked to describe the roadblock that I felt was in the way of me moving forward. I looked at it and all I saw was a sheer face of a mountain that went high into the sky. I was guided into a place of deep quiet where the truth of my fear was revealed. Instantly I broke out into a deep intense cry. During my 10 year emotional healing journey, I had the same physical experiences during an intense release. Shortness of breath, my neck was really sore, and my eyes could light up a Christmas tree, and I had a large pile of used tissues. After about 5 minutes of recovery time, I was asked if I could still see the mountain; I answered I could not. I was asked to look again and focus my attention lower to the ground. Instead of a mountain all that was there was a tiny little bump. I was counselled that the little bump was the truth of my reality and the sheer faced mountain was an illusion I created with my mind. The lesson I learned from that stuck with me and I now use that same metaphor for appropriate client healing conditions.

The fear and pain I was stubbornly hanging on to was released. To me that was a miracle. I felt the pressure release and I truly felt the energy leave my body. That was a miracle.

I chose to receive love in that moment of release, and the love transcended the pain and fear. It took me time to reflect back so I could absorb the wisdom of it all and start speaking the new language of worthiness that fully expressed and accepted the love I deserve.

The complete experience of healing can’t be measured quantitatively in an instant. It’s a continual shift, ever evolving. Your healing body operates in what is called a quantum reality, as well as a linear reality. You are healing the physical body in “Earth time”, but healing the emotional/spiritual body in quantum time where no time exists. Many parts of you are healing during a healing session. You are one with all aspects of your “SELF” that work in unison. The whole of you experiences it all in the exact right timing. What is love? Think about it. Do you really know what love is? Love is not just romance in a relationship. It’s the energy needed to manifest your dreams and longings, whatever those are. Love is the energy of consciousness. It’s who you really are. It’s the catalyst to all creation that makes you happy, healed, empowered, and abundant.

I remember how I felt as a young boy, twelve-years old, when I got a REAL soccer ball under the tree for Christmas. Where I grew up in a small town, finding quality sports items in those days was a challenge. I LOVED playing soccer, and it was my saving grace as a child living under constant fear. To get a real soccer ball for Christmas seemed a miracle to me. We weren’t a wealthy family, and that gift stands out as a highlight and an inspiration to me that no matter what you long for, a miracle is possible. My love for the game, and how it made me feel so happy, was the energy I needed to manifest that miracle. I felt unworthy of just about everything at that age, but I felt very worthy of that soccer ball. If you really have a dream you wish to manifest, and you feel the feelings of manifesting that miracle, you create the potential for the manifestation. To drive home a now-familiar fact: Dr. Bruce Lipton discovered that 95 to 99 % of our programming and beliefs disseminate from the subconscious mind.

To manifest a miracle, we must take a hard look at our beliefs in the subconscious mind, to re-program our DNA and Cellular Body, and choose to populate that part of our unworthy beliefs with new programming based on love, compassion, worthiness, and forgiveness for self.


Rocky Krogfoss



Conscious Energy, Healing and Miracles is the second book in a series by Emotional Healing Therapist Rocky Krogfoss shares the wisdom of a 20 year journey into the heart of science and healing, supported with scientific evidence on the Nature of Reality, Conscious Energy, The Power of Beliefs and the Natural State of Healing.



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