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Living Your Dreams – Jacquelene Close Moore

“Dreams are called that because if we sleep on the job of trying to achieve them, then our sleep is the only place they end up existing. For a dream to become reality you have to wake up, feel the hard, cold breeze on your face and hit the ground running fuelled by a passionate desire to be the best you can be, and to not stop until you get there… And once you are there, to realise how much further you can go, and do it.”

Jacquelene Close Moore

During the week a small but noticeable percentage of clients came my way with the same basic theme. Each of them had at least one big dream and each were going about equally complex and involved ways to do their best to ever avoid living that dream out.

Three of those I will kind of outline without betraying identities and so forth :

• One rang my call staff and began a discussion with them asking to have a personal and detailed call back from me so they could discuss their gift at length with me.

• Another said they dearly wanted to go in the direction of their passion, except they are worried they wouldn’t be any good at it and didn’t want to blow that fantasy that they currently enjoy keeping in their mind without potentially losing out by trying and failing. I correctly pointed out their relationship issues they were avoiding and how the desire to help others may need to start a lot closer to home first.

• The last I correctly outlined that they had been told they had a gift but weren’t sure what to do next to get their work going in their field.

The first example of our people with a dream was a man intent on talking about his gift. I replied to the message my call staff took from him by sending a polite text that included :-

• A link to training,

• A link to free events, training, my radio show, and articles at which they could learn more, as well as to articles all about their area of interest

• Links to how to the bookings page for making an appointment to properly discuss things in a professional and appropriate environment.

• The promise of calling them tomorrow to answer any questions from what I sent and discuss an appointment should they so desire.

I also briefly explained I was texting so they would have more info before making further contact, and because I was about to go into the next appointment and was unable to respond until the next day
due to the client load throughout the rest of the day and evening.

They requested “5 minutes” to talk to me by phone in the only remaining 5 minutes I had left before my next client that. I felt that If I called them them at that time that they would, easily turn 5 minutes into 30 if allowed to do so. I felt it would consist entirely of their well-rehearsed, repeated monologue about their newfound super powers that I felt they had already delivered across the modern miracle of the “telephone device” to any other psychics that had answered their own phones today. I also felt that if I bothered to send details of how I could help them and links to resources that they would turn curt and abrupt. But, knowing how little time I had left, I copied and pasted and then hit send.

To my detailed text with helpful links and apology for being busy, which they demonstrated they hadn’t read, they sent a text about 10 seconds later that read :

“I need to know if you know anyone that can help me start my gift for helping people…”

10 seconds…. Did I mention they replied in 10 seconds, I timed it, as I had estimated it would take roughly 12 seconds and wanted to check my accuracy, against their actual. Obviously I was a little more optimistic than I should have been. I had 4 minutes and 48 seconds left before I absolutely had to start my next client reading.
So, I replied, by text, once only :

“Perhaps, instead, start by reading the info in my initial reply message, and that of others.”
( I had felt they had contacted a number of others already and weren’t taking anything in anyone had said.)

To which, yet again, captain speedy fingers and thumbs wrote about 5 seconds later :

“Don’t need mentoring sorry have a good day.”

I went on to my next booking, but kept the text thread, I mean everything is useful, even in articles like this.

I had this kind of weird response before, a year ago some guy came up the lifts at my city office and proclaimed with great enthuse to the receptionist and anyone else present who would listen, as he came out of the lift at the 28th floor, that “The planets are perfectly aligned, I AM now here for my destined and deeply involved discussion with Jacquelene Close Moore, and would like to speak with her now please.” To which the receptionist, once she recovered her breath, replied, “I am sorry, Jacquelene is in an appointment with another pre-booked client right now…”

Our intrepid visitor interrupted and set off into another orbit which involved speaking more passionately and with greater decibels.

To which my receptionist quickly added “and, I am sorry but Jacquelene is already completely booked out this whole month and part of the next, would you like me to make you an appointment for a later date, like for six weeks time?” The guy reeled in apparent astonishment, retorting with the look of someone choking on a pickled onion with anchovies “Oh no, of course not! Why would I want a booking with her? I don’t want to speak with her, at all.”

He didn’t want to leave a message. Perhaps he thought he booked by telepathy, except my receptionist who takes the bookings doesn’t recall phone numbers from dreams given to her by people trying to make a booking that way.

Those sort of examples of rejecting perceived rejection is really a lot a sign that they aren’t ready for this field of study, and is usually the type of behavior experienced from those guys who, as complete strangers, approach women over social media telling them how hot they are and making all kinds of moves on them until the woman politely declines the guy’s offer of a date and the guy comes back with “You’re a fat B*tch anyway… Like I would want to date you, in your dreams!”

Living out your dreams really actually starts with respect and having or gaining a clear focus and having reasonable expectations of others while you aim for your goals. Can I also suggest that to live your dreams, start with being open to learning about and from anything, everything, and anyone you meet and feel good about and to do with what you have realised is your passion in life… Learn all you can, knowing that you can in fact never learn and know it all, there is always something to learn. If you ask an apprentice how much they know they might say “a lot, ”and offer to teach you, but they will only be able to teach you as much as they have learnt of craft to date, which they are still yet to master. Whereas if you tell a martial arts Master that you know all there is to know, they will smile and say “Okay, sure,” and might either do nothing at all, or might trip you over in one movement and then offer you a hand to get back up before walking off. I guess it depends on you which one of those responses you might receive.

So, in the case of the man who wanted but “didn’t need mentoring,” I chose to reply by telepathy instead of by text with the phrase “Okay, sure,” and didn’t do anything else.

As yet I haven’t as yet received his focused telepathic reply.

While it can be incredibly fascinating to realise there is a whole other world out there besides what others call “normal,” expecting to speak to complete strangers with no prior time set aside for you may not be your best first choice in techniques to communicate that you are indeed deeply intuitively gifted.

To finish our first example, which also takes us the other two, I will use the old Chinese proverb “Before enlightenment, chop wood, carry water, after enlightenment, chop wood carry water,” what is important is doing the little things well, with consistency, being focused and grounded on what the everyday necessities while seeking to advance, not just wanting to float off somewhere.

In one sentence the second person dearly wanted to pursue a specific dream, in the next sentence they wanted to think of themselves as living out another dream that conflicted with the first, and in their next sentence after that they shared yet another dream, the goal of which they were doing nothing at all towards achieving in case the fantasy turned into a poor execution of the goal which they thought they could not bare happening and therefore would rather keep it as a day dream.

They lacked direction, focus, grounding or at times the ability to take in anything I said which showed at several points when they repetitively said things similar to “So, it will be alright won’t it?” and “So I will have success then,” and “DO you see me doing that,” and “No, I just won’t to do that, in order to achieve it, no way!” These similar sentences kept moving around like a rotisserie chicken over a char-grill. When I explained what it took to achieve the goals they said they wanted, they showed they saw those practical things as well beneath them or not for them. They were a perfect living example of Eric Berne’s “Yes But” from his book Games People Play. No matter what solution you offer them that would actually work if they put effort into it, they answer with a sentence that starts with “Yes But” and end the sentence with reasons why they can’t or won’t take the required actions involved. It’s like they want you to take on the responsibility of doing their goal for them because if you reply “Yes” to their question “So I will be okay / successful / etc” and when you say “yes” you then unwittingly agreed to the idea that they could do nothing at all and yet will magically achieve their dream goal just by breathing, or perhaps with someone else running the race for them, in the last 30 seconds of the marathon they step back into the running shoes that did the last 42 miles without them to take the winners ribbon and possibly a medal.

Dreams are called that because if we sleep on the job of trying to achieve them, then our sleep is the only place they end up existing. For a dream to become reality you have to wake up, feel the cold breeze on your face and hit the ground running fueled by passionate desire to be the best you can be, and to not stop until you get there… and once there, to realise how much further you can go.

So, to those types, rather than replying with “Yes” I reply specifically with something along the lines of “IF YOU” and then I add in that it is up to them whether or not they take the required action to make the outcome happen, but if they don’t try they will never know, and then they will keep asking the same questions about whether or not it will work when they should ask themselves how much they are going to later regret not trying at all.”

For the third person I made a point by point plan and insisted they commence the “homework” that day and not go to bed until that day’s homework was done, I insisted on a text message from them to let me know they had done all the steps for that day and laid out more homework to achieve the very next day.

To people too afraid to pursue a dream, sometimes it is about asking yourself why you want to do it. If it is for your fulfillment, and a feeling that you have to do it, that it is an authentic and inseparable part of your being, then surely you should not delay pursuing it, even if just as an interest at first.

If you are pursuing something purely because you imagine yourself as being famous in that field, you either are highly psychic and have been getting things accurately about your own destiny independent of psychics all of your life, or have the wrong agenda. People become well known for what they do because they are good at it, focused on it not the fame, and sometimes they are discovered by a very destined serendipitous chance and “lucky break.”

But, sitting on your tuckus expecting a chance encounter for a movie producer to recruit you for the lead role of a film destined to make you win best actor at the Academy Awards is rarer than the already tiny percentage of actors out of the worldwide talent pool who have worked decades at their craft and are then named as an overnight success by making A grade movies and winning Oscars.

It’s the same as expecting that when you win the top prize pool in the lotto that you will then have sufficient time and resources to write that Pulitzer prize novel, or celebrity cookbook. It may be more helpful to start writing and possibly cooking first.

If we focus on the work that gets us where we want to go, then we might see that we need to deeply enjoy doing it. We only get to be our best at anything over a lot of repetitions over a very long time and must be passionate enough about it in order sustain the work required to reach that level of skill by repeating it through good times and bad. While it can look like a glamourous life of euphoria to work in this field and not have to be assertive, the most important aspect in this work is boundaries.

Our last example was someone who was also afraid to step forward but this time it was with gifts that had been noticed and mentioned by others who were experts in that field. So, they weren’t simply dreaming of being something, becoming something, they already were, they just didn’t yet have the confidence to believe they could.

Their procrastination was in order to avoid committing, but for entirely different reasons to the first two examples. This is precisely why I decided my best way to help them was in their case to be their personal “accountability monitor” for the rest of the day after I had finished my appointments for the day. I took their call well after hours to catch up with their progress and congratulate them on finally taking some pivotal steps all in one day that they had procrastinated about over 6 months. I gave them plenty of my free time, whereas I gave the first example hardly any, and the second example, only the time of the appointment they had booked. The reasons for giving the third person all that time and not the first two was how willing the third individual was to make the change that was needed to get them moving forward instead of just talking about it, or avoiding talking about it as it might be.

If you want to achieve something do it because it’s right, authentic, you, and because above all else, because you can’t “not” do it.

Things to consider in order to achieve your goals :

• Know why you want to do it, are you happy enough about the why to endure all of the highs, lows, and distractions and still keep going?

• Know what it will take to achieve it, do you love this and is it such a part of your being that you can’t imagine doing anything else?

• If you couldn’t do this, what would your life be like, and how comfortable would you be, and what would you lose by not doing it?

• Once you achieve your dream, what will your new goal be, where would you go then?

• What are the steps to get you there, plan backwards to now to set a timeline that will force you to start moving today.

That’s a start, now, it’s up to you to continue.

Lots of love

Jacquelene Close Moore




Jacquelene Close Moore is based in Melbourne Australia and travels Australia wide and internationally with her work. Jacquelene presents Soul Star Radio, a live worldwide psychic show broadcast via USA based A1R Psychic Radio, a network with a growing audience of over one million listeners globally. Jacquelene is the sixth generation of psychics in her family. And is a psychic, medium, empath, and connected to all the senses. 

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