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Is your home making you fuzzy-headed? By Paul Fenton-Smith

“Spiritually cleansing your home and body can help clear your mind and sharpen your thinking,” says author and clairvoyant, Paul Fenton-Smith.

Last spring local fire fighters were back-burning the bush around Sydney to reduce the risk of fires in pending the heat of summer. The air was thick with smoke providing a glimpse into the life of an asthmatic while I struggled to breathe. My thinking gradually became fuzzy, I felt starved of oxygen and found concentration extremely difficult.

I took a break from writing for a few days until the air was finally clear again. This led me to ponder what else in life might be clouding my judgement? Lack of oxygen is a physical burden and an obvious constraint but in the average home there are other more subtle but equally restrictive forces exerting influence. In particular, the stagnant energy of past thoughts, emotions and experiences in that environment may linger in a home.

A few years ago I was house hunting with my wife when we arrived at a well-positioned 1960’s home, set back from the road amidst tall trees. The late afternoon sun streamed in through the red and gold glass in the leadlight windows of a small sunroom but even this didn’t shake my foreboding sense of something being intrinsically wrong with the property.

I paced the garden while she explored the upstairs and we met by the side door.

“What do you think?” she asked but before I could consider the question I uttered one word.

“Divorce.” She looked at me quizzically.

“Can’t you feel the loneliness and isolation? Someone has been absolutely miserable living here and I don’t want to move into that oppressive residual energy.”

“Well that makes sense of what I saw when walking through,” she added.


“I noticed clothing for one person and only one toothbrush in the bathroom. Perhaps someone has died or moved away already, leaving the seller living here alone,” she explained as we walked back to the car.

When extended periods of loneliness, anger, frustration or fear are experienced in a home or a workplace, this stale energy remains until it is cleared away. During thorough cleansing, it is possible to sweep away the energy of past arguments, old relationships or concerns about issues that have long since been resolved.

Loss triggers stress, tension and frustration and sometimes pressures arise without any of the previously feared changes actually occurring. When John’s job was under threat during a period of retrenchments at work, he became extremely stressed, barely sleeping at night and tiptoeing around each day at work. Over a four-month period there were three rounds of job cuts and morale in the workplace had plummeted.

Not knowing what was going to happen or when changes might be announced was undermining John’s confidence. Every time his supervisor asked someone to step into his office, fellow staffers collectively held their breath. Over the weeks dozens of people departed carrying only a small box containing personal possessions. One colleague found that he had been locked out of his office computer before being told of his retrenchment. John felt that this could have been handled more effectively.

Over the ensuing weeks his sleeping patterns suffered until he was only able to achieve four hours sleep a night. Morale at work had slipped so low that when one workmate found another job and resigned, he was given a rousing applause by the rest of the office. It was as though one inmate had been proven innocent and was being released from his tedious sentence.

The busiest people in the office were those actively searching for work elsewhere. They tweaked their work histories, emailed responses to online job advertisements and interviewed for new positions during extended lunch breaks.

After a period of turmoil, it is important to cleanse the workplace to ensure that you remain receptive to new ideas and innovative solutions and that less residual energy envelops you, subtly permeating your thoughts and attitudes every day. By re-setting your workspace, it is possible to bounce back from adversity more quickly.

When John’s position was safe, he finally exhaled but the energy of this prolonged stress was already entrenched in his workplace. It was also in his bed at night, where he repeatedly dreamed of losing his job and his income. Consciously he realised that his job was no longer at risk but without cleansing the old energies of stress and fear, he was unable to switch off from deep-seated fears that threatened to engulf him. He wanted to put the trauma behind him and look forward to the future but found it difficult.

The concept of a spring-clean is perfect for cleansing a space emotionally and spiritually. People usually spend more time in their homes during the winter months. Consequently there is more residual energy remaining in these environments after winter has passed. The act of clearing away fears, thoughts and old attitudes of winter, makes room for new ideas of spring and summer.

Conversely, with the approach of winter, it is beneficial to cleanse your property to make it more habitable for the new season. Having a balanced, uncluttered environment before winter sets in can help maintain a positive attitude during the colder months.

Sometimes it’s difficult to notice the energy of your surroundings. Like a familiar song on the radio, it all blends into the background like white noise. Newcomers to your home or work environment unconsciously observe this residual energy and react positively or negatively to this physical and emotional environment. Most people become more aware of it after spending a few weeks away. Returning home it’s possible to briefly see your place with a different perspective. This is usually the time when you promise yourself that you’ll throw out the old sofa that is blocking the sunlight from entering a window or commit to cleaning those grimy windows as soon as possible. If you leave it for a week there is a risk of becoming re-attuned to the environment and then overlooking the debris.

It’s important to remember that after you’ve purified your environment, cleanse yourself to ensure that you feel as positive and clear as your fresh surroundings

Paul Fenton-Smith on Psychic Connection

Simple cleansing techniques.

Many simple approaches to cleansing a home are methods your grandmother might have applied.
Open all the doors and windows for a few hours on a fine day to allow fresh air to sweep the home clean.

Wash windows (both sides) with hot water containing a small amount of cloudy ammonia. If you don’t have any try half a cup of methylated spirits in a half a bucket of soapy water.

Wash the floors and hard surfaces with soapy water containing a small amount of cloudy ammonia. Be careful to avoid damaging polished furniture or delicate surfaces.

Wash all linen including the curtains.

Add a vase of fresh flowers to lift the atmosphere.

Light a candle in each room for a few hours. Ensure that the candle flame is protected to avoid a fire hazard.

Play some soothing classical music to re-set the emotional energy of a room.

Deeper Cleansing techniques

Empty all the kitchen and laundry cupboards and clean the surfaces.

Discard unused or unwanted clothes, linen, furniture or old appliances. Dispose of unnecessary clutter.

Place a glass bowl (such as a mixing bowl) containing water and a cup of natural sea salt in each room for five to seven days. This can be done all at once or using one or two bowls over a period of a month.

In any room where there is noticeable stagnant energy, light a candle in the room for a few hours a day for five days. Check that the naked flame is safe.

Wash the front and back porch of your home and ensure that the surroundings are kept clean and clear from clutter to allow better energy flow.

If possible, keep windows open all day to improve airflow.

To re-set the energy of a home immediately following an argument or after unwanted guests have departed, bring a saucepan of water to boil on the stove and add two teaspoons of eucalyptus oil or orange oil. As the water boils the scent filters through the house neutralising the recent energy imbalance.

Have a salt bath (or a bubble bath containing 2-3 cups of natural sea salt). If you have been through a difficult emotional period, you might benefit from a weekly salt bath for a few weeks.

A swim in the ocean or a salt water pool is equally restorative if the weather is favorable.

© 2013 Copyright Paul Fenton-Smith.

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