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Excerpt from Conscious Energy, Healing and Miracles – Rocky Krogfoss

“All life as we know it manifests from one source, Conscious Energy. Your beliefs generate a biased frequency that manifests the exact same reality. It can be no other way. These are the Laws governing The Nature Of Reality.”


Rocky Krogfoss

The Inner Child, Your Ego and Your Lineage

Have you ever stopped and asked yourself:

“Why do I fear opening my heart to LOVE so much?”

Why do human beings so fear the thing they most long for — LOVE? Why is healing emotional information at the center of real measurable and meaningful change? Personal life style changes do not always have to be about healing pain and depression, stress and damaged relationships. They can be about manifesting more money, a new home, a holiday, a new inspirational job, a sacred-union relationship, healing an addiction and so much more. Visualize a see-saw in a playground. Imagine that on one end is the happiness in your life and the other end is the unhappiness in your life. In order to add more happiness in your life, you will have to unload more unhappiness in your life. It is a balancing act. The two are not separated.
So you want more love. Good! When you closely examine the roadblocks to love they emanate from three primary locations.

Here are the 3 primary belief system contributors to blocking love through core belief unworthiness programming

  • Your Ego
  • Your Lineage
  • Your Inner Child

When I was doing my own healing work, it took me forever to understand this core principle about healing. It is so simple yet so horribly elusive for most people. Once I understood this principle, and began making it my sole purpose when performing healing work, the effectiveness of my work climbed even higher. 

1st Law of Healing Physical and Emotional Pain

“In Order To Heal It, You Must Feel It”

This affirmation was the foundation for my training to become a healer. This statement adequately describes the intentional difference between healing the mind with traditional therapy and healing the beliefs with Emotional Healing Therapy. The difference may seem subtle, but they are universes apart in their effectiveness. When it comes to effectively RELEASING pain and depression, the feeling body is one of the most critical components needing to be activated. Without it, you are in your logical mind, and you will constantly struggle with the emotions. It’s like calling in a carpet cleaner to repair your home’s electrical system. It will be a struggle at best and stressful, and, likely not result in what you need.

We are so accustomed to pain and suffering that we either don’t realize we are suffering or we justify the pain as a part of life. If I had a dime for every time I heard someone say, “I will suck it up and keep marching”. We all have been very cleverly trained in the art of “not releasing, sharing, or feeling our feelings.” Our society mandates it through the various institutions that are geared towards masking pain or hiding from the feelings. Men are extremely well-versed in the art of being emotionally unavailable. If you are not emotionally available, how can you feel the feelings? It is a foreign language to men, and it’s not their fault. Men are programmed the way they are programmed. Women have a different way of hiding pain. The societal program has been that women block the pain and keep marching; “I will take care of it when I’m not so busy!” Problem is, women are natural multi-taskers in the rat race of modern society and are always busy. When the time comes for healing, women have gone so long without self-love, they default to continue to survive, cope or deny. In the case of both men and women, they choose to suffer subconsciously. This must stop. It must be okay to love oneself and heal the pain when it presents itself, without guilt, shame, or judgment.

Our medical system is based on pharmaceuticals that mask pain, not heal it. Can a pill heal an Emotional Energy Field? Of course not! It’s hard to comprehend that giving yourself LOVE-energy you will heal the pain. Love-energy is so far removed from your reality perception that you may call it quackery. Yet, the evidence, in science, and in clinical healing, says otherwise.

You have been well-trained in the art of suffering. So, why do we fear healing the pain? Why do we fear receiving love and especially, why do we deeply fear loving ourselves?

Loving Oneself: Resistance to Receiving Love

The Battle of the Ego Mind versus the Heart Knowing

Who’s REALLY running the show?

The Ego believes it has control of your reality, and it latches on to the steering wheel with a warrior determination but in constant fear. Your ego has known great suffering; it doesn’t understand healing. Your ego is in charge of the prison that you and your ego create to protect and defend you because of your unworthiness beliefs. You sit, suffering in fear, in your safe prison cell. Your ego literally is at war with the world around you, constantly fending off all the negativity you attract as a result of your negative unworthiness beliefs. Imagine your ego as a guard honorably defending you against attack, like a centurion with a sword and shield. Your ego has only known love from your past that has gone wrong because of painful relationships, the inner child not receiving love as a child, being punished over and over again as childhood innocence was ripped away.

The Centurion Ego stands on guard and shouts out commands for you to obey with military energy:

“BEWARE, you know what happened last time you opened your heart to love, so much pain!!! Be smart, stay in this safe little prison while I defend you against that nasty love-energy. So what if you are suffering, and you have a lot pain, you are surviving? You are wounded and in pain, but, at least, you’re not dead!”
Bless the warrior ego for its devotion to your survival, but wouldn’t it be wonderful if YOU chose to be free, once and for all, from the suffering of the prison cell you are currently chained to through your unworthiness programming? How many people are living in SURVIVAL MODE? Wouldn’t it be nice to THRIVE rather than SURVIVE!? You have a choice, and the choice you make will either keep you in the prison, or bring you into a place of freedom. When you choose freedom, you open potentials for your cellular body to experience healing. Your reality will turn on a dime, sailing towards a much more loving, peaceful, balanced, and joyous reality.

Your Ego deserves a new and improved YOU. You will then show your Ego that it’s time for it to stand down and retire as you take charge of healing body and heart. Throw your Ego a wonderful retirement party after you’ve upgraded your programming to a higher state of self-love and worthiness. Starting now, the Ego no longer needs to fight anything, which means, you no longer will attract uncomfortable life experiences that require you to fight to be right, to justify yourself, and to stand in a circle as others judge you. To engage in a constant fight is to attract many more reasons to be in a constant state of battle and survival. That is not what you long for in your life. You are done, no more fighting ANYTHING!

Do you want to be in Survival Mode all your life?

NO you don’t. You want to THRIVE, not SURVIVE!

In order to THRIVE, the mind-set shift begins with a healing wisdom called SURRENDER and AUTHENTICITY. Surrender to your heart-wisdom and allow your authentic inner knowing to unfold with no effort. These gentle attributes have always been there, but you were not aware of them. There is a sweet gentleness, peace, and a graceful feeling, of freedom, when you release pain with this natural surrendering to authenticity with no timeline, no outcome, and no self-judgment in the healing process.

The Ego has a role in your life; honor it by reassigning it to its original duties which have always been keeping you aware of your surroundings in a physical Earth-life, keeping you safe. Surrender the emotional work to your heart and to your intuitive inner knowing.

The Blessed Innocent and Frightened Inner Child

I’m the poster boy for damage, intimately familiar with the grievously wounded inner child.

For those who have endured similar pain and suffering, know that you aren’t alone!”
My childhood and, perhaps, yours, was filled with painful memories and damaging programming. Most people experience one level or another of painful programming as a child. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out how that type of programming has a long-term negative impact on you as an adult. Take a look at the prison system and I assure you will find very damaging inner child conditions in most of the inmates.
Do know, though, that my father and I have made peace, and he’s in Heaven now. There’s a peace in me as a result of a spectacular experience when he came to me a few years ago “from the other side”, shining in a bright light of love and peace.
I’d just completed an intense healing session of lingering anger against him, even though he had been dead for several years. I experienced an intense discomfort in my belly that took three days to … explode, for lack of a better word. The release was so intense, I cried out in deep pain. A few times, in those next 20 minutes of healing, I couldn’t breathe, my neck in agony. After the toxic anger was released, though, I recouped my breath, and felt fabulous. I felt FREE. Then, all of a sudden, my third-eye saw a hand offered me in assistance. It was soft, gentle, and loving, completely surrounded by bright light. As I turned my head upwards, my first thought was that it was the hand of my spirit guide. But, much to my dismay, it was that of my father. Only, it turned out to be not my father, as I had known him in life, but my father cleansed of his Earthly personality. I asked, in a quiet voice, “Why are you here?” He replied in a beautifully gentle voice, like that of an angel, “Rocky, may I speak please?”

It freaked me out that he was so foreign to anything I’d ever known of him before. I said, “Yes, you may speak.”

He said he’d come to provide me with a very special message.

Somewhat reluctantly, I asked him what that message could possibly be. He spoke in a very loving gentle voice. He’d come to apologize and tell me he was sorry for all he’d done to me. He spoke to me that what he had done to me was wrong, and he asked me to forgive him. I bowed my head and honored his request and forgave him
As I forgave him, immediately I felt a wave of joy and freedom from all my inner child pain.

He continued: “I know that you understand the nature of reality and karma on this planet. Also, I know that you understand that I did my job as I was supposed to do it, in that look at what you’ve accomplished as a result of the life you experienced with me? You do understand this, don’t you?”

Reluctantly, I responded that I did.

Then, he said something that was the last thing I would have EVER expected. “Rocky, you do know that the learning we all come onto this planet to do continues on the other side, where I’m now, don’t you?

Once again, I responded that I understood that wisdom.

He said: “Well, I’ve a special request before I go. You can say yes, or you can say no; either of which will be respected. Obviously, I was very curious. “What is it you want?”
“I’ve much to learn from you,” he said. “You have much to teach me while you are here in this life. I would like your permission to be present around your spirit-guide team, to watch and learn, as you evolve. Please, would you grant me this opportunity?”
Suddenly, every single insult he’d ever hurled at me, every punch, every beating during my entire life, faded to leave me feeling a deep sense of honor.
I granted his request.

“Thank you, Rocky,” he said. “I’m so grateful. I will always be here if you want to talk to me. Live your life in peace. I love you. Good-bye, my son.” And he was gone.
This defining spiritual encounter not only freed me but gave me the rare opportunity to experience what many of my gifted friends experience all the time by way of profound connection to spirit.

My Inner Child was finally totally free.

Your Inner Child, too, can be freed from the prison that’s the “poor, sad, lonely, misunderstood, unloved little girl or boy” inside you. The Inner Child is a critical part of my healing works. This isn’t to say that some children didn’t have deeply loving parents, but, in a huge number of cases, children, under the roof of two parents, or two parents in cases of separation, divorce, or abandonment, will experience and download whatever fear-based beliefs their parents are living. Parents’ unworthiness, anger, judgments, insecurities, relationship challenges, and so on, will become their children’s source of programming. My father would flip a switch and become this raging, angry, and violent man, unleashing his physical and mental abuse on me, until there was a part of me that reached a point where his outrageous and completely hateful comments made me strangely amused because they were so off the charts. I always knew the beatings didn’t make me smarter, or a better young boy; they just made me constantly and horribly afraid.

As I moved on in my young adult life, I was programmed to repeat my father’s hateful racist, bigoted outbursts. I felt such anger towards him that it generated a “get even with the world” behavior that caused me to be hurtful. Like him, I was successfully at war with just about everyone, channeling some of it to sporting arenas where my reputation was that of a dirty player, hothead, and a guy with whom nobody wanted to play; which created an even stronger inner sense of my isolation and unworthiness. I had become the one thing I despised the most: my DAD.

Healing my inner child and personal sense of unworthiness was my greatest challenge. My personal healer and mentor showed me the way to be a healed peaceful warrior, and over 10 years of focused Emotional Healing Therapy and energy work, along with my guide’s infinite patience and love, I reached a tipping point where THE FIGHT left me for good. I cannot describe how much freedom that brings to my cellular body and soul … and can bring to yours. It’s a joyous MIRACLE! The joy and lightness so pleasant, it must be experienced to give it justice.

The key to permanent healing of pain, mental health issues, and the achieved manifestation of your dreams come true, lies within your blessed innocent, and deeply loving Inner Child.

LINEAGE — DNA Imprints of Parental Programming

Lineage is the passing on of certain human characteristics and behaviors based on historic beliefs, within your family heritage and family dynamics, that represent different challenges that you agree to experience as a soul incarnated.

A good example is alcoholism. We’ve probably all seen how alcoholism can pass from father to son or to daughter; or from mother to son or to daughter? Some would say that’s a genetic issue, but I would disagree.

The best example of lineage is how some people wake up one day, and look in the mirror only to realize in absolute horror they’ve become their mother or father. When that day comes, you want to scream out loud, because you vowed what had occurred never would. You wanted to improve on certain things your parents had done or said, and, alas, here you are, suddenly, saying or doing the exact same things. The good news is that you are NOT cursed to be this way forever, and your children are not destined to be YOU. My lineage was arrogance, anger, violence, righteousness, and judgments, all based on abhorrent ignorance. Our family was intensely competitive, and winning meant everything. When I look at my brothers, I still clearly see many of these attributes, which is a large part of why I had to detach myself from them. In order for me to heal my lineage and my unworthiness programming, I had to create a safe space for me in which I could accomplish what I had to do. I had to become an island unto myself, and, in the end, that was a very wise decision.

When I encounter clients with Lineage issues, I invariably find them in deep conflict with a parent or parents. Lineage will, by its very nature, provide opportunities to butt heads until someone feels the pain too much to carry any farther. That is when miraculous healings occur, and your physical, mental and spiritual body experience a fabulous new sense of freedom and release of pain and stress.

Your family shouldn’t be immune to the same standards we place on complete strangers. Yet, most people surrender control, or experience abuse from a family member, that wouldn’t be allowed a stranger.

My Lineage affirmation is: “Just because it’s family, there’s still no rule saying you have to suffer because of them. You can always say NO!”

Most people recoil at the thought of saying no, because if they break free from the pain of family abuse, they may be subject to the judgments or castigations of family members. It takes courage to walk away from family abuse, not the least because of the attempts by those left behind to make you feel guilt or shame for abandonment.
Family members can be Energy Vampires if you surrender your vital love-energy to them willingly in the false belief that you somehow have to.

Albert Einstein defined INSANITY as:

“Doing the same thing over and over and over again, but expecting a different outcome.”

Lineage is a great example of a long-standing societal belief that has created de-empowering RULES that we all must supposedly follow blindly, even if it impacts our health and wellness adversely.

Suffering due to Family Lineage beliefs is Insanity!

Suffering because you surrender your power to your Ego is Insanity!

Suffering because you refuse to free the Inner Child from his/her pain is insanity.

“Empowerment is surrendering to your divine right to receive unconditional love in the process of creating a new reality”

“De-Empowerment is the absence of SELF LOVE in the process of creating your current reality”

Conscious Energy, Healing and Miracles is the second book in a series by Emotional Healing Therapist Rocky Krogfoss shares the wisdom of a 20 year journey into the heart of science and healing, supported with scientific evidence on the Nature of Reality, Conscious Energy, The Power of Beliefs and the Natural State of Healing.

Find more about Rocky Krogfoss on his website
See this video for more about him and his work.

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