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Equality and tolerance - as a psychic development necessity

The more you allow for other cultures, beliefs, and people's differing world views, and the taste in underwear while maintaining your own ideas and preferences, the easier it is to accurately read for others.

Knowing yourself more - and being secure in that - also helps you see others as they are, instead of seeing them as you are. Humans are naturally a species of conflict and migration, just look at our world history regarding wars, migration, and invasions. It is also true that human compassion and love is the highest point and beauty of our species. As such creative beings, we create great love, peace, unification as easily as we destruct with great fear, war, and division.

When we seek to read others accurately, we have to remember there can be great conflict within the person having the reading. And, so they may not necessarily have ever seen themselves in the way you have been able to so perfectly articulate. That can be inspiring for them, but it also could be incredibly confronting. Just as much as when we sit and receive a reading from someone else, it is a good idea to remember that while they may not speak about us or our circumstances in a way we would put it, it might well show us new and different insight precisely because they aren’t us.

How a reader talks to a client about the client’s life may open the client to aspects about themselves in a way they have never thought of before. That can be deeply challenging, and so it is really important to navigate carefully through the conflict a person may be having between “what is” and “what is preferred” about themselves and their circumstances with considered communication. We also, and more importantly do this by bringing equality and compassion to the table in order to keep the reading on point, and for the client to be able to take in the positive and helpful aspects of it.

While we extend compassion, that may not always be held mutually in readings. At times clients might ask trick questions, deny and then admit how what you said was accurate, or they might say absolutely nothing until the very end of a reading and then drop several bombshells about their lives that indicates exactly how what you said made sense to them. They might say nothing at all except “thank you,” leave, and then refer 100 of their friends and relatives over the next decade. They may also decide they don’t like you or don’t like you way of delivering the message they came to hear. I will never forget the time a woman complained after the conclusion of the free reading I gave her due to her financial hardship that I had not told her the winning tattslotto numbers and that she would meet a millionaire that would sweep her off her feet, love her, and take care of her for the rest of her life. Clearly the parts of the reading where I gave both psychic and practical tips that she has said blew her mind had been forgotten like yesterday’s newspaper because I didn’t deliver the message she wanted to hear that required no effort for her to achieve. In another instance, a client flew down from Sydney to have a reading with me and before I did the reading I made a stop at a shop and bought a small wind up monkey that flashed red eyes and made cute sounds. I knew I had to buy it and when the client got to the appointment and asked to speak with their passed over loved one, I placed the wind up monkey on the table and said, “well, he has a weird sense of humour, and as macabre as this may seem, here we go.” I wound up the small monkey and it made funny noises as it walked across the table with flashing red eyes and the client cried and laughed and laughed and cried. The passed over loved one’s nick name was “Monkey.” Of course I gave the wind up monkey to the client, by the way.

But, working as a psychic is not about congratulation, it is about helping people to help themselves via change where necessary, and insight. Change is often necessary when people aren’t happy with their current circumstances, but often it is the hardest thing to confront and put into disciplined action. Insight could be about their love, work, health, wealth, passed over loved ones, their pet, the next door neighbour, the business they are thinking of buying and should, or the business they already bought that they should have put that money off their house loan instead, and anything else for that matter that they may want you to cover. Insight can also be challenging for people because it may show them a different way of seeing themselves.

It can be both rewarding and challenging to work in this field, and it can be challenging for some people to find a psychic they feel comfortable with. To make your choice easier in finding a psychic you relate best to, you should really only have a reading with them if you feel drawn to and comfortable with them. You should also feel respect for what they do, and for the person themselves. This isn’t questioning whether you are respectful generally, it’s about whether you feel you can listen to them and feel confident in their skill and nature.

Whether or not you can relate to and feel good about that is an entirely personal decision, and it’s also your right. That personal decision is however a preference, and you will feel right with some people but not others. Just because you don’t feel right with one person however doesn’t mean they are some kind of super-villain, or misanthropist, it’s just that right at this point or possibly for the rest of your life, you don’t like them. Try not to make that an “us versus them” thing, as that is entirely unhelpful and may force more interaction with them… (that which you focus on you attract).

Development of tolerance and equality also helps psychics to see the actions of others in the light not only of the intention in that moment of that person’s interaction, but also to see on a deeper level, what brought that person to this point in their life where this is how they have chosen to express themselves to you. It helps you see what they deep down are actually looking for you to share with them, or even, perhaps hold back from the conversation in order that what is necessary is spoken, and that which must be held back in order that they learn from their own initiative, doesn’t even get a mention.

Lots of love

Jacquelene Close Moore
Psychic, Medium, Empath, connected to all the senses
Sixth generation psychic,

First ever awarded Psychic of the year Victoria 2004, Psychic Ambassador 2013,
Jacquelene has appeared and read for audiences at some of Australia’s most prestigious companies and events and is available for one to one private readings, media appearances, and corporate, group bookings Australia wide and interntionally

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