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John Sutton

Wax Art Readings

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After going through lots of struggles in his life John reached a turning point in late 2000 – Early 2001, after loosing his house to the Bank and his Business (Joinery Shop) in a Fire. He started his journey of intense soul searching to advance to be the person he is today. Shedding away the outmoded conditioning and evolving to be the enlightened person he is now. On his journey of self discovery he found a new person who he did not know existed.

As John advanced in himself and in his personal life, he shares all the wonderful gifts that he uses to help people advance as well. John is a multi talented medium who works in many ways to help others in a unique and humble way.

Even John sometimes is surprised with the amazing transformations that occur around him.

What is required in having a wax art reading?

With the colours that you choose John will create a personal, beautiful and unique wax painting for you with an iron. From this painting you will receive a personal reading, which explains what all the colours and the movements in the wax mean. The duration of the reading will take between 5 minutes to 15 minutes. You will find that some of the paintings will contain faces, animals and symbols that may mean a lot to you.

Spiritual Awareness Classes

John conducts spiritual awareness classes / meditation classes from home. Current class times: Not available at the moment

Call John for further details. See Contact Page.

Spirit Guide Drawing Workshop

John will conduct a class for six – ten people to teach them how to draw their Spirit Guides and Totem Animals. John will take you through a process where he asks you to draw a certain way with soft pastels. He then shows you how to blend the pastels which will result in your Guide appearing through onto your page. The drawings will be poster size (760mm x 510mm) on black pastel paper. Once you have finished your Guide then John will take you through a similar process to draw a totem animal. You will be amazed at the results that are produced, even from people who say they cannot draw


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  • Channeller
  • Past Life Regression
  • Wax Art Reader


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  • New South Wales

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