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The Healing Heart

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My spiritual journey started 32 years ago when I was just 17. It was a long and at times very painful and lonely journey. During this time I trained as a spiritual healer, founded Mystic Visions, a wisdom school, a training school for aspriring mediums, trained in shamanic practises and explored many paths and traditions. My transformations and awakenings were not easy and were marked by traumatic events - preparing me for the path I follow today. Througout all the trials and tribulations I always held trust. I have always been drawn to God and Universal truths, Gnosis, Mysticism, and the greater Mystery of life. I owe deep gratitude to the many teachers along the way who guided me on my path for their patience and understanding, and for continuing to hold the Light ever so brightly in Love and Truth. It has been through my own search of Self that I have found my calling to help others awaken to their own inner wisdom and hold the Light for them as its been held for me for so long. This was my inspiration for 'The Healing Heart' - A place born of love and gratitude in service to my brothers and sisters. I love you. ~ Lisa ♡♡♡


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