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The Secret Door to the Universe - NEW BOOK GIVEAWAY

By Author, Paul Fenton-Smith...

“We are all spiritual masters in the making,” says Paul Fenton-Smith, clairvoyant and author of A Secret Door to the Universe. This book outlines Paul’s spiritual journey to discover the importance of living and ascended masters and where we might go after death.

Although the body dies, the spirit lives on to continue a longer passage home. A Secret Door reveals a glimpse of that voyage and outlines some of the preparations that can be made for the most important passage we will attempt. It presents a glimpse of the journey home to our spiritual source.

It offers specific meditations to cut psychic energy cords to others, to cleanse and protect yourself and to contact your spiritually evolved self for guidance.

Paul Fenton-Smith is a clairvoyant, counsellor and the principal for the Academy of Psychic Sciences in Sydney since 1985. Paul has studied and practised psychic development techniques since 1978 and is the author of ten self-development books.

A Secret Door to the Universe is released Australia-wide this month and more details can be found at 

We have five copies to give away throughout September - October.

Sneak Preview

 Here is a Sneak Preview
on what to expect in this remarkable book from


Paul Fenton-Smith

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Your copy of

A Secret Door to the Universe

You have a change to win 1 of 5 copies of Paul Fenton-Smith's new book,
A Secret Door to the Universe.

Click on the link below, fill in your deatils, and in the comment area type "A Secret Door to the Universe" click send and your in the running. Entries will close November 10, 2017. The lucky winners will be drawn on Friday 17, November, 2017. 

Winners will be notified by email and published on FaceBook soon after.

A Secret Door to the Universe
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