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The getting of wisdom - why observation is important in the 2017 year of the Fire Rooster – Jacquelene Close Moore

“They say you become wiser as you become older and so…” my son continued “think of the marketing benefits of your grey hair for your work, mum.” 

I laughed as I sat in front of the mirror at the hairdressers, thinking back on my son’s conversation earlier, watching the hairdresser taking up into the brush ever increasing strands of silver and grey among the natural colour I had known. Each of the group of frosted strands rose up with each upward stroke of my hair, bringing with it more and more awareness. “May be you could call yourself Gandalf, mum” my son had smirked. “Okay,” I chuckled… “Well, I guess this is aging.” Taking in the vision as more and more appeared from the undergrowth of a once luscious crown of vibrant natural auburn highlights. 

To dye or not to dye? That wasn’t so much the question. 

With this greying came the realisation that at least people wouldn’t require me to explain myself as much or quite as often. My son saw this as a new marketing angle, “Now you can automatically look mystical, mum.” 

I suppose he has a point, one would hope that with age comes wisdom, but age doesn’t necessarily predispose anyone to wisdom. It’s more of a by-product of having done at least a few stupid things in the past from which we have hopefully learned, gained insight, and turned into great insight or at least simple but profound truths. 

For instance, as we get older we realise that, our energy levels are not as limitless as it once seemed, and that therefore reacting to anything and everything is not a good use of our energy, because such waste can now potentially deplete us. 

If you observe older, wise people, you get a real sense that when you ask a question they first decide if it indeed needs to be answered, rather than just reacting or responding at will. They might inhale gently, then, if the question was appropriate, bring the answer with the outbreath, from a deeper, calmer place within. 

But, if the question is inappropriate, there is nothing quite like older folk changing the subject on you. “Pot of tea, dear?” 

“Here, have some cupcakes?”

It can be a wonderful satisfying quiet that descends over the parlour when people are eating and have no idea you were distracting them so they could think about the topics of discussion that were really, deeply, more important to them.

Or, if the person asking is wily and not so easily deflected, the older person might either tell them they are being inappropriate by any of a variety of means, or they might come down with an onset of selective deafness, counterbalanced with hearing aids that “suddenly don’t work.” Don’t worry, the hearing aids will return to normal function once the person asking inappropriate questions has left. Sometimes being able to tune out from things is a helpful thing, while many older people don’t need to turn off hearing aids to do it, it can sometimes be helpful. 

Older people often watch younger people worrying so much and tell them not to worry, while younger people tell older people they don’t understand how they are so relaxed about things.  

Meditation is a great way to balance and rebalance your energy and find calm, to re-centre yourself, and bring back to yourself the clarity around what really is and what is not important in the bigger scheme of things. Something that is important today may not be as important tomorrow, but if it truly is important it will still be important in two weeks, two months, two years, or two decades time.

Taking a leaf out of the book of my own grandparents, they were often quite patient with people up to a point, never actually rude, but clear, calm, and firm about boundaries. I recall nana once saying she didn’t go where people didn’t want her, and in a way it’s not about whether you were good enough to be wanted somewhere, it might sometimes about whether others were good enough for you. It’s a funny way of saying go where you are celebrated not denigrated, but with a bigger picture to it. It was about not pushing yourself and your agenda onto others, it was allowing for a free flow of discussion to guide the way. And in so doing, that natural flow of things took you where you were most needed, doing what you are guided to, not pushing yourself towards things, groups and individuals that are not actually meant for you, nor you for them. 

Working with spirit all of my life has been about going where I was drawn to, and guided, and because I am stubborn, often being nudged and me eventually acquiescing many times. And, working with spirit requires flexibility rather than seeking to control everything, it’s a lot like the story of the Water of Life, which Carl Jung liked so much, which goes something like this…

“A tribe sent seekers out into the desert searching for the Water of Life. 

The Water showed itself in the world by bubbling forth from an artesian well. After a long journey the seekers came upon the well and drank from its invigorating waters. They felt life surge through them and were truly satisfied.

They sent for the tribe, which soon arrived. There were many people gathered around the spring, so a wall was built to protect the purity of its crystal water. As the people arrived shops and buildings sprang up. Roads were built. Eventually to organise access and pay for the necessary administrative costs a charge was made for drinking from the vitalising waters. Still the people came.

And then one day the people woke up and the Water of Life had gone.

Water still flowed, but it was not the Water of Life.

People drank, but in time realised their loss.

The people sent seekers out and the cycle began all over again.”

And, to quote Carl Jung, “The facts of nature cannot in the long run be violated. Penetrating and seeping through everything like water, they will undermine any system that fails to take account of them, and sooner or later they will bring about its downfall. But an authority wise enough in its statesmanship to give sufficient free play to nature - of which spirit is a part - need fear no premature decline.”

Year of the Fire Rooster calls for a certain amount of wisdom, reflection and much, much observation. While many of my counterparts are running ahead saying it’s a great year to ‘strut your stuff boldly,’ there is much to be said for allowing those who wish to be bold to make as much noise and as much of a show as they like, and yet there is far more to be gained by quietly observing, planning, working behind the scenes and announcing our achievements after they are a matter of public knowledge, in this particular year. 

Normally, of any other rooster year I might agree about being “out there and bold” in a rooster year, but this is no ordinary rooster. I mean you only need look at the current US President for an indication…Sure, he is bold, loud, and colourful…But is it really advisable to be like him? In the way and by the means that he is being bold, brash, loud, and dominant?

Is he really engendering co-operation, and calm diplomacy, or is he on fire, in the ring with a fight on his mind?

There are some old sayings about Roosters that suggest being aware of our impact when being bold, rather than remaining careless and cocky, especially in a fire rooster year. Perhaps there is a difference between feeling the need to rule the roost, versus providing positive, clear leadership that attracts a loyal inner circle of people who will tell you the truth.

Anyone who has had a farm with chickens and roosters knows perfectly well that once a rooster gets a taste for bullying and attacking humans and draws blood, that it won’t stop attacking after that. It is from that we get yet another rooster saying, “today’s rooster, tomorrow’s feather duster.” This is because the tail feathers, while luxurious and adorable on the living bird, make excellent dusters for cleaning your favourite home furnishings, Meanwhile, Mr Rooster became, in that instance at least, the very practical chicken dinner for that evening. 

Not all roosters are fated to this kind of ending, many live out their years as the pride of the flock, it’s really all about attitude, flexibility and whether our feathered friend can be bold while humble, harmonious and respectful. 

This year, it also pays not to “get your feathers ruffled,” in other words, calm down, pause first rather than flying straight into unfamiliar skies or letting the feathers fly, and avoid becoming ‘an attack bird,’ out of anxiety to sudden changes, or toward people’s minor infractions whether perceived or real. It is also a hilarious but concerning fact that the current US president, (a year of the Fire Dog just like George W Bush), likes to “Tweet” (the sound birds make) at odd hours of the day, especially around 3am, long before the first cock crow of the morning.   Benjamin Franklin, a Wood Rooster would be horrified. Interestingly Jospeh Goebbels was a fire rooster, but so was the amazing Amelia Earhart, Moe Howard (the 3 stooges), Louis Aragon, and is Melanie Griffith, Gloria Estefan, and many other fabulously creative and caring, passionate souls. Some famous Australian V8 racing roosters, include Peter Brock (wood), Dick Johnson (wood), and Mark Winterbottom (metal). 

Three famous Australian Fire Rooster politicians are Kevin Rudd, Tony Abbott and Peter Costello. Kevin Rudd had phoenix-fire-bird-like ‘rising-again’ from his own political ashes, only to burn up again shortly after when he lost against attack-bird styled Tony Abbott who won the election but was later dumped after a series of spur of the moment unpopular decisions, and at the end of Saturn going through his and his successors sun sign. Abbott claims not to have similar aspirations of a second coming of the style of Kevin Rudd, but that is yet to play out fully, and, almost immediately after he left the PM role he went on an international tour speaking in places like Britain, Europe, and USA on his hard right views about refugees and right wing conservative politics to leaders across Europe, the likes of Nigel Farage called heroic, in reference to his Margaret Thatcher address.

Tony Abbott’s mate, Corey Bernardi, also a Rooster, (earth), often speaks to the hard right Christian conservative ideals that Abbott often seemed to agree with even if not spruiking more frequently in public. Bernardi, having freshly arrived back from the US in early 2017, where tea party type Christian conservatives have been grooming and mentoring him for years, has chosen this year of the Fire Rooster to launch his own party, 8 months after being re-elected to represent the LNP Party he has now left to form his own. 

Peter Costello, former treasurer and deputy in the Howard government, complained, as deputy that he had been promised the top job by the then PM John Howard (Earth Rabbit), upon Howard’s expected mid-term retirement. Boldness has certainly been part of each of all their trademarks in many different ways, to different levels of success, however often short lived when that boldness has outweighed their better angels. Why bore you with politicians and politics? Well, if nothing else the year of the rooster highlights what happens when you allow politicians to their own devices, and when power goes to either your head, or that of someone else’s…And why patience, wisdom, are called for if you don’t want others to just do what they want to and cause you many grey hairs prematurely. 

If their doing what they want to doesn’t affect you or anyone else that is fine, but if what they want to do isn’t helpful to others, you should care about that before it becomes a problem for you too, as it almost certainly will eventually be if apathy is the choice of the population. Rooster also represents the scales of balance in a way… ever noticed the feather somewhere in the justice card in the major arcana of the tarot? Take another look... As all scales go, and all pendulums for that matter, the world swings or weighs from one extreme before eventually swinging back to the other, and spends some time about in the middle. And to quote Martin Luther King Jnr who understood this and was paraphrased by outgoing president Obama, “The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice.” 

Roosters of note that have long lives of success value justice immensely, and find the secret is in singing in tune with the feeling and needs of the community and serving it and the truth, rather than trying to dictate their own personal dogman, ideology, interest, investment, and views as the only acceptable views for the rest of the community or society. Roosters who lack longevity are those who either think something becomes truth after they spoke it, or that the truth is inconsequential as long as they achieve their goal. And, much like the getting of grey hairs, endurance is measurable not only in arriving, but by what means, and how you deal with that when it arrives. 

Taking your time, being aware, being able to see things from the view of others and reflecting on that is the ultimate tool to help you not only in the year of the Fire Rooster, but also in life. Although many of my peers talk about a rooster year being a great year to “be bold and stand out,” I would say it is better to be wise, observant, quiet in between making moves, and above all else, remember not to worry about the sky falling. That was something Chicken Little worried about, and started worrying everyone else about too. We can, if we give in to fear, become lost with the seductive offers of Foxy Loxy for safe haven in his cave of misdirection. We should resist fear, as fear is often created by those who because they lack control of themselves they seek to control others. 

To find balance within the scales of justice, one must weigh one’s heart against a feather and come out equal. We should love people who seek to control through fear, or at least to understand what brought them to this place, where necessary we should protect ourselves and others from them. And, note that fear, anger, and apathy are all so equally destructive and don’t work against such types or in such situations. While being bold can mean saying ‘no,’ it can also mean knowing how to successfully affect the roadblocks necessary to stop dictators in the making.

The Fire Rooster often is confident, and bold, but this year it is more about how to use that confidence and boldness for the good of the whole and not just for the promotion of the self. It is easy to lose perspective if we are busy being too bold, and not taking in how what we are doing affects others, and what happens when we step over too many boundaries. We should indeed, do what we feel passionate about, but with due care and consideration, the ends never automatically justify the means, and the means must be considered carefully, with wisdom, patience, and pause for reflection when necessary. And possibly, the appearances of new grey strands of wisdom. History teaches us much, which is why its best students are often comedians, lawyers, actors, and effective leaders. If we know the lessons of the mistakes of the past we are less likely to repeat them.

Questions for you to ask yourself in 2017 : 

How am I on track with the why, what, how, where, when and whom in my life and work?

What are my motivations and intentions, are they  on track or are they negatively affecting others?

How am I taking control of my situation and success?

How am I allowing others to inappropriately centre stage in the play of my life and how will I step up and change this? 

How am I doing the same to someone else, do I need to stand back?

Do I hold grudges and old judgements about people, or do I let things go and how?

How do I take charge and responsibility over my own actions, take control in my own life, and accept my own results?

Take time to make the most out of 2017, may your year be safe, prosperous, and happy. 

If you want more in-depth and personalised insight into your 2017 year, please feel welcome to get in touch for an appointment

Blessings and much love, 

Jacquelene Close Moore 

Jacquelene Close Moore is based in Melbourne Australia and travels Australia wide and internationally with her work. Jacquelene presents Soul Star Radio, a live worldwide psychic show broadcast via USA based A1R Psychic Radio, a network with a growing audience of over one million listeners globally. Jacquelene is the sixth generation of psychics in her family. And is a psychic, medium, empath, and connected to all the senses. 

Co-author in the upcoming book “Journey of a Lightworker,” being released in 2017, she has completed over 15,000 readings for clients from over 80 countries around the world since 1995. First ever awarded Psychic of the year Victoria 2004, Psychic Ambassador 2013, Jacquelene has appeared and read for audiences at some of Australia’s most prestigious companies and events and is available for one to one private readings, media appearances, and corporate, group bookings Australia wide and internationally. 


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